More Moaning – Karl Pilkington

Now this is something of a palette cleanser for me, an Amuse-bouche if you will.

It’s a very easy and enjoyable read, for a start, which if find really relaxing after a deep or thought provoking book. I’ve even been known to quickly read some of my favourite childhood books in-between deep reads, just to reset my brain. *Hoping I’m not the only one.*

I’ve been a fan of Karl Pilkington since the XFM days. I used to adore listening to the podcasts on the bus even before podcasts were a thing (so yes I look liked a crazy person laughing to myself).

The point I’m making is that ‘More Moaning’ is exactly what the title suggests…more of the same. This will either be a great thing or an awful thing depending on your perspective.

The book acts as a journal of sorts, as Karl makes his second series of ‘The Moaning of Life’. He investigates different subjects in his own unique way, and essentially moans about them for our amusement.

At times, this is a little profound, as I genuinely think Pilkington has a unique perspective on life. I know he doesn’t always get a good rap, but I truly think everything that comes out of his mouth is a pure and unfiltered expression of his thoughts the second they appear. I like this, because i think it’s rare in the entertainment industry. Everyone has their own agenda, and yet Pilkington is honest even at ill-advised moments that could hurt his career.

One point he makes in the book is that his intention for writing it is because he’s got bills to pay. Yeah. See what I mean? There’s something beautiful in seeing somebody just say what they really think, whether you agree or not. Especially when it makes me laugh so much. Maybe I’m reading too much into it?

Pilkington’s doodles are always a welcome insight into his brain.

At times the book is downright daft, but those moments made me laugh too. I’m not saying it’s the next great work, but it’s not to be dismissed either. It might not be as hilarious as some of his first books, which were made funnier because he was placed in situations that made him uncomfortable, but it’s not to be dismissed either.

If you’re new to Karl Pilkington, I’d suggest some of his earlier books, but if you’re a long-time fan like me, expect the Karl we’ve come to know and love.

You can buy More Moaning, and other Pilky books here. (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have an official website or I would send you there!)

You can follow Karl on twitter here (he never tweets), or on YouTube here.

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