Audiobooks! Love them or hate them?

I was against the idea of audiobooks for a long time. As a fast reader, I just felt like it would be boring listening to somebody else read me something. Plus, what if the reader has an annoying voice? Surely it would distract me from the story too?

Maybe I getting soft in my old age (no I’m not technically “old”, and no I wont tell you how old I actually am), but recently I’ve delved into the ever expanding world of audiobooks. Don’t get me wrong, I was right about the voices thing – I am still very selective when it comes to voices, and I use the “sample” function liberally. But, I think for certain books the audio experience is wonderful, and one that can’t even necessarily be matched by reading the book for myself. I’ve delved into both fiction and non, and found that my experience relies more on the story-teller than the story.

More than anything I love listening to autobiographies read by the author, as I really understand more of the story when it’s told in their voice. Particularly ones written by comedy writers, for obvious reasons. But, I’ve also enjoyed listening to some of my favourite books told by a narrator, as it can add a whole new level to a story you’ve enjoyed for years.

I don’t know about you, but I suffer with anxiety, and on bad days I’ll take just about anything to distract my worrisome brain. Previously this has translated to me spending hours anxiously watching Netflix, which is less than productive. This is then followed by anxiety about how unproductive I’ve been. But, audiobooks have been a little bit of a revelation for my anxious days. As a freelance copywriter, I can’t really listen while I work, but when I need to take care of household monotony or errands, an audiobook is the perfect distraction from worrisome thoughts.

I realise I’m very late to the show here, but how do you guys feel about audiobooks? Have you utilised them as a tool in dealing with anxiety, or other mental illness? Are there any that you recommend?

Let me know in the comments!

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